A new blog just comes with the territory when you get a new website, I guess. I'm super excited to try out this new space and see what it is like! That will determine if I continue to write here, or go back to my old blog. Anyhow, I think I'll start off with a look at the past…haha. But seriously, I have no new sessions to upload, so I might as well do a personal post!

in order: last bit of summer at home // driving to ames—mm that sky! // dorm bonding time & our room setup // retreat happenings // Joshua Team and a gorgeous sunset // Morganne's birthday (chick-fil-a!) & a proposal // my first and last ISU football game // fall sights // home for Thanksgiving & a spontaneous photoshoot // back to campus—Bible study girls & our room all decked out for my birthday! // Back at home // Christmas Eve service // lunch with Keisers & a winter engagement shoot // NYE Party and KC // driving across the snowy midwest and time with Erin before school began.


That's it for now! 
Much love.