I’ll be writing up a longer post but for today, I’m just posting a few things and thoughts :)

magnolia market silos in waco at christmas

texas. where everything is larger but the price of strawberries is cheaper. (and gas. everything else is more expensive.)

take a friend with you, so that you can take photos of each other. (and sometimes together.) plus, you can split costs! and in general, life is better with friends. ;)

soak up the sunshine when she shows her face, for cloudy days are bound to follow. eat your magnolia cupcakes when you buy them or you may never end up eating them at all. (but if you live in Iowa, Scratch is just as good and half the cost.)

stay with locals. you’ll learn all about H.E.B and the college kid things at Baylor (tortilla tossing) and maybe even get to see inside a real fixer upper house (!!!!!). just saying, that’s the way to travel.

amelia renee at Waco Magnolia market silos

waco, you were a fun space to see! and I can’t wait to explore you more in the future. thanks for being a weird little town, with growth and grace and gorgeous little spots to find.