From Leslie Knope and me… to you. I’m always down for a celebration with waffles (see example A from last year’s Galentine’s Party).

Of course, we will start it off with this…

Indeed it is. Galentine’s is the best day because it’s about celebrating other ladies! And valentine’s is about celebrating love (sacrificial love, if you know the history).

Ok. I’mma be real. I’m just here because Parks and Rec is the greatest sitcom ever created…and I wanted to share lots of gifs. The following gif applies to you if you happen to disagree.

Last year’s party was pretty great…

And this year was very chill. No party, just a normal day and evening. But! Cupcakes from Little Blackbird Bakery.

Anyway, just wanted to leave you all a little love note on this internet corner. With lots of Leslie Knope enthusiasm and hugs!