It’s hard to describe the emotions that you feel when your best friends fall in love and get married. Morganne is my 3rd “super close” friend to get engaged and (almost!) married. It’s been a whirlwind year but, as they say, “when you know, you know.” And ain’t that the truth!!! Bobby and Morganne met through church just over a year ago or so. They went through the whole awkward dance of talking/not talking. Finally, in May, they had their first date. Now, a year later that same month, they’ll walk down the aisle as husband and wife. And I’ll be bawling my eyes out behind my camera so don’t mind me. ;)

greenhouse engagement photos winter

We had to reschedule engagement photos since I came down with a 24-hour bug in January. Probably for the better since I’m pretty sure the high was like 5 degrees that day. Thanks Iowa. We photographed these the weekend after the polar vortex wrecked Des Moines… and the high was like 40! Winter in Iowa is such a weird thing.

moody greenhouse engagement photos
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greenhouse engagement pictures des moines iowa
greenhouse engagement session winter Iowa Midwest des moines Amelia renee
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I love these two! And greenhouses. Yes please:)

cute engaged couple hugging in greenhouse des moines iowa engagement pictures
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winter engagement photos in snow des moines iowa

We knew Morganne liked Bobby when she invited some of us girls to a bar in Ames “for drinks” aka to watch Bobby and his band play. LOLOLOL. She pretty much avoided eye contact with him the ENTIRE time. So hilarious to look back on! I think I met Bobby in June just after they started dating. (Actually, I came over right after a photo shoot in Ames!) I left that conversation pretty sure that this was “the one” for Morganne. And when she causally dropped that she loved him this fall, I freaked out a little (read: a LOT) and we knew we knew we knew. Then he proposed at Burgie’s Coffee shop in Ames, but y’all figured that out already.

winter engagement photos Des Moines iowa
water works park in winter des moines Iowa engagement photos
water works park des moines
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We started wrapping up their engagement session downtown in Des Moines. Bobby decided at the beginning of our time together that his goal for their session was to make it hipster soooo we tried to hit up a lot of the photo cliche’s in Des Moines. (Greenhouse, WaterWorks park, and Downtown!) Just call me a #hipsterphotographer I guess?? But we found the most instagrammed mural downtown —not a bad spot. My favorite might be the last one… fog set in hard, and we snuck inside the ground floor of a parking garage by the river to soak up some moody feels.

downtown des moines engagement photos parking garage murals
this must be the place des moines iowa mural downtown engagement pictures
des moines downtown iowa engagement photos
mural engagement wedding photos downtown des moines iowa amelia renee

Ya thought we were done?! Not quite, friends! These two had a last request— to stop at Zzz, the local record shop. Bobby is a music enthusiast, and his one final request was a few (quick!) photos of them inside the store.

zzz record store des moines engagement pictures
zzz des moines record store engagement pictures