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Sophia and I met two & a half years ago at Iowa State. She was a freshman, walking through so many life changes and adventures! We met up a few times to talk, but our paths didn’t cross as much the following year. Now that I’m running my photography business in Des Moines, instead of Ames, our paths never cross. Until last week! Sophia decided to take me up on my mentoring sessions, and the Lord gave us a perfectly beautiful day!

My mentor session starts off with coffee (or your drink of choice!) on me. Sophia and I met at Porch Light Coffeehouse in Ankeny and y’all, get yourself there. It’s the best atmosphere, with the PERFECT playlist of music, and so many great snack, food, coffee and drink options. I camped out there all afternoon in-between appointments & their REAL cherry cola was incredible! The perfect drink to sip on a hot spring or summer afternoon.

After catching up on life, we dove in to the questions Sophia had emailed me. I prepared a google document for her (you KNOW I love my Gmail!) with answers and bonus links to resources that I’ve found helpful over the years. We talked for over an hour! Then, we headed outside and found the sweetest spots to put skills into practice. Sophia kindly took some photos of me & I can’t wait to see how they turn out. During this time, we talked posing and lenses and focus points. All fun things. :) And, as you’ve figured out, we ended our time with Sophia’s headshots. She’s a serious babe and made it SO easy for me. Headshots are an important part of photography websites. You want your clients to know & trust you!

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Black and white is SO classic. Sophia’s got a classic face… doesn’t the following feel a little Audrey Hepburn!?

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Semi-obsessed with this fence. And Sophia’s polka-dot dress. AND GREEN GRASS. #praisehands

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Thanks for taking time out of your crazy almost-graduated schedule to meet up, Sophia! I loved our time together. :) Anyone else interested can find details here on mentoring sessions. And be sure to check out Sophia’s photography and leave her some love!!

Amelia Renee