You never know what the weather will do in Iowa during spring. I’m thankful that we’ve had some really lovely, sunny days! However, Katie & Eric’s engagement photo evening threatened rain, so we had to work fast. Thankfully, these two are super adorable together and we got plenty of photos in the 40 or so minutes we had together. (And yes. If they look familiar to you, I took a few photos in November of them with Odin, their pup!)

Katie and Eric met in college, through a mutual friend. Summer hang-outs with friends turned into something a little more than friends…and Eric finally asked Katie out, nervously excited. She said yes, and they were pretty much inseparable after that. Even after college, when Katie accepted a position in Missouri for grad school, Eric stood by her. He even moved his life down there to be with her during those years! Right before graduation, this time from grad school, Eric proposed to Katie and she again responded with a yes. :) Now they’re eagerly waiting for September to come around!

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Probably due to rain, Water Works park was fairly quiet this Monday evening. It freed us up to wander around and take our pick of blooming trees. Summer in Des Moines really promises the best spots! I love Water Works park and Grey’s Lake. Thank you, Iowa, for some gorgeous spaces to photograph and play.

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Oh, for CUTE! I’m so excited for Katie and Eric’s fall wedding in Johnston at Stoney Creek! It’s going to be a wonderful day to celebrate marriage and living life together, forever. :)

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