I’m glad you’re here! My name is Amelia, and I’m a joyful & adventurous photographer in the Des Moines area. If you are thinking about senior photos already, I would LOVE to have you! Just fill out my contact form for senior models (due April 1st!) or a regular contact form to connect with me. My goal is to create an experience that is fun, positive, and full of good memories and great images to capture this season of your life & who YOU are! Thanks for stopping by, and I can’t wait to meet you over coffee & planning your epic senior photo adventure!

One of the most common questions I get asked by my seniors is, "What should I wear!?". Such a great questions (of course!) but also sometimes, it makes me laugh. Ultimately, I want you to display who you are during your session--including in how you dress! That could mean you rely heavily on converse, ripped jeans & Marvel graphic t-shirts... or that you wear your prom dress and play an upright piano out in a field at sunset. BE YOU!

*disclaimer* this post is aimed at senior girls, but guys may find some helpful tips in here as well!

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For those of you reading who currently are thinking, "Great! That doesn't help!" ... slow the roll. ;) I'm not done yet! There are a few more tips and tricks up my sleeve. 

Since you most likely will be wearing at least 3 outfits during your session, you can be creative (daring, even!) when picking out your wardrobe. Stick with smaller prints and stay away from bright red/orange/neon colors. Especially stay away from solid & bright red if you're taking photos in a nature setting. #christmasinjuly

1. Neutrals are always a good idea! Katie picked out a fun patterned top and tied in a brown cardigan to keep the focus on her face! (As much as I love a good summer sundress or tank top, if your shoulders are covered, your face will remain the focus of the photo!)

girl wearing white ruffle shirt standing by metal pipes senior photos

2. Tie in some rad accessories. The more the merrier! For this photo shoot, I pulled out a headband that matched the teal in my tank top, put on a chunky white watch (it goes with everything!) and a long, simple heart necklace. This outfit felt like ME, with some feminine, yet strong, touches. PS: I really like photographing accessories! ;) Please, please wear some fun ones!

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(Including the photo below because 1. flower crown and 2. layers! Miranda added a jacket to her outfit, and that gave us addition poses to work... plus it tied in the pinks of the flower crown nicely! 

miranda rowenhorst barker

3. Wear layers! I touched on this above, but it's worth mentioning again. Hannah rocked her senior pictures in blue jeans, a cute floral t-shirt, and a pink cardigan. The cardigan not only adds another layer, but a fun pop of color to make her stand out again the white background. I could totally see her wearing this outfit to the mall or after school, so it's the perfect thing to include in her senior photo wardrobe!

senior girl with glasses wearing maroon cardigan with floral tshirt and blue jeans and white flats

4. Pay attention to the shoes! You're heard that shoes make or break the outfit, and that TOTALLY applies to senior photos! Here, Aimee mixed up her sundress outfit by wearing her white Birkenstocks. I just love that she included them, because 1) they're totally her and 2) the matched with her white bralette and the white in her dress! *ding ding ding winner*

what to wear senior photos light blue dress with white stripes

5. Hair and Makeup Investing time, energy, and even money into hair & makeup for senior photos should be on your priority list! Sydney had her hair done, and found a local airbrush makeup artist to help even out her skin tones. She looked amazing, and so natural! Just look at those eyes! Paying a professional isn't required, but can add a fun element to your senior photo shoot day. If that's not in the budget, consider asking an older sister or a friend who knows their way around Ulta to help you out!

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6. Stay simple, keep it classy If you want to ensure classy and classic senior photos, stick with solids and more neutral tones. A favorite pair of jeans, with a solid black, white, or other toned top or blouse will keep you timeless and looking fresh for the years to come!

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There you have it, a few of my favorite tips for seniors! What thoughts do you have? Any tips I missed? Ultimately, I suggest double checking your outfits with your senior photographer before jumping in... some trends just don't photograph well (like tiny stripes, or big baggy shirts) and they may help you pick something more flattering out! Just remember, keep it classy, diverse, and you! :)

Amelia Renee