Serene's name is completely perfect when it comes to describing her. This gorgeous and talented friend of mine has wisdom beyond her years, talent that continues to grown, and a generous heart of gold! When she messaged me, wondering if I would be bringing my camera along to a conference we attended in SanDestin, Florida...well, of course the answer was yes, and yes again to grabbing a few photos for her to use in her upcoming EP release! 

A storm was just about to hit land, so these photos are a little moodier than if we'd had a full sunset to work with, but I love how the clouds enabled me to really catch the colors and texture of the water! (We all ended up getting caught in the rainstorm and soaked just after it got dark, haha!) Serene's EP is based off the idea of God's faithfulness through the four seasons...and all of life. One of the images from our session will be featured on the summer season page! To check out more of Serene's story and music, you can find her website here, her music here, and her Instagram here. Be on the lookout for her music release at the end of March!

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We took photos for Serene's new album at the Sandestin Resort beach in Destin, Florida. A storm was just about to roll through, so the waves were extra choppy (and colorful!).