It is NO secret that I love flowers. I love them blooming on trees, in gardens, and wrapped in plastic at the grocery store. However, my favorite place for them would be in my hands, on my bedside table, or on top of my head. ;) So, what better way to share my love of flowers (and photos of flowers!) with you all than a blog post, highlighting some wonderful wedding floral vendors in Iowa, Nebraska, and Minnesota!?

First up, the wonderful Jubilee Flower Studios in Minnesota. Sue is the sweetest owner, although we haven't ever met in person, I know through emails that we would be friends. :) Definitely check her out if you are looking for a florist in the St. Paul/Minneapolis area! She did the florals for Andrea and Gabe's wedding in June, and really did an outstanding job. 

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Next up is one of my favorite bouquets of all time. It doesn't hurt that this wedding day was straight out of a dream! Soft, sweet, and joyous all around…Liz and Scott's day was absolutely lovely. I actually made a photo of Liz' bouquet as my phone screen for a few months. #obsessed Their florals were done by Heaven Scent in Coralville.

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Selena and Josh's wedding took place in Story City during November. Unfortunately, we missed the 70-degree heat wave by about two days. It was chilly and windy outside, but their photos still turned out beautiful! Also, Selena's flowers gave her just the perfect pop of color against the neutral November tones, and held up just fine in the cold! 

Flower arrangements by Shelly Billings

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Another gorgeous bouquet--this time, back to the yellows! Lauren's florals really tied her whole look together. How is is possible for flowers to complement a dress so well?! Ryan and Lauren got married in Waukee, so they went with a West Des Moines florist for their wedding. Something Chic Floral did a marvelous job with the Freeman's flowers!

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Katie & Jake's wedding at Prairie Moon Winery was held in March--not the most colorful or warmest part of the year in Iowa! White Willow did a great job pulling in a color palette that felt clean, fresh, and bright. I could not get enough of Katie's bouquet... or the greenery in general! Eucalyptus for the win!

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Another option, of course, is to have a family friend create your bouquets... or even do it yourself! This option requires a lot more research, and possibly a trial run, if you've never arranged flowers before. However, it could save you quite a bit of cash in the long run! That's what Naomi did for her wedding, and the florals were simply stunning. (Another alternate would be to create all of your bridesmaids' flowers, but hire a professional for your bridal bouquet.)

bridal bouquets with eucalyptus leaves and white flowers


Anna's favorite color is yellow, so of course she had yellow and white roses in her bouquet! I love how she also included some baby's breath, green and pink sprigs, craspedia billy balls, and succulents! Colleen's Flower Cellar did a beautiful job with the florals from this September wedding in Plymouth, Minnesota.

yellow and white roses with babies breath for wedding flowers

Finally, one of my personal favorite bouquets from this past wedding season! Maddy's flowers came from the cutest little local flower shop in Cedar Falls called Bancroft's. If you're getting married in the Waterloo-Cedar Falls area, do check them out! Her bouquet mainly held peach roses with some red carnations, other sprigs, and eucalyptus for accents.

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I hope that this post helps any brides (or future brides!) in the midwest as they begin the hunt for the perfect bouquet! So many options are available, perhaps this will help narrow it down for someone. :) 

Also, just a personal plug for my 2018 brides out there...would someone be down to wear a flower crown this year?! Please?! Ok, thanks. ;) #flowersaremyfavorite