One of my own senior pictures-- it's so fun to look back, and remember my interests and feelings in high school!

     One of my own senior pictures-- it's so fun to look back, and remember my interests and feelings in high school!

Looking for unique and adventurous senior photos?!

That's why I'm here! Hi, I'm Amelia! 

You only take your senior photos once. (At least, I think that they should be so good the first time, you should only need to!)
Not that long ago, I was in high school myself. I loved my senior photos, but I wasn't crazy about my senior photo experience. I felt awkward in front of the camera, wasn't sure how the photos would come out, and I just wanted to have more fun taking them!


Keep on reading to learn more about what booking your senior photography with Amelia Renee Photography can be! 


 senior photos among the high rise buildings of Des Moines Iowa. Senior with airbrushed makeup and teal blue summer shirt

What should i expect?

Great question! When you book Amelia for your senior photos, you can expect a personalized session. That means, we want to get to know you & help create a custom senior photography session based around you! There will be some questions for you to answer, space for you to share any ideas that you have, and if you don't have any ideas... Amelia will send over some! A lot of communication will happen over email, but in-person or phone conversations are also possible. Most of all, expect to make a new friend, have fun, and make memories! 

 senior photos in the rocky mountains at sunset in a puffy green vest
 senior girl laughing in wheat field at sunrise in the fall Iowa


Amelia shoots primarily outdoors (aka natural light photography!). However, some indoor locations are available, and starting in August 2018, a studio space may be added on. You may determine shoot location before your photo session-- or you'll meet up with Amelia someplace and just have an adventure from there!

Looking for a rad location (like the mountains in Colorado, senior photos in New York City, or on a beach in Cali?! Destination senior photography packages are available! Just mention in your email.)


You can wear pretty much whatever you want! We suggest dressing for the season you're shooting in, and layering each outfit with some fun accessories (like scarves, hats, jewelry, vests, etc.)

Amelia will also give you some helpful hints & suggestions, in case you don't know quite what blouse to pair with those classic denim overall shorts... or what accessories to wear with that amazing dress! In some cases, Amelia will even provide you with access to her own wardrobe and accessories. Again, just ask!


Interested in creating some crazy fun and unique senior portraits? Not only will we make sure to get the headshots you need for the yearbook (and, let's be real, for Grandma's wall!) but we'll also craft some amazing photos that capture YOU. Right now. Forever!

Just fill out the form below to send Amelia an email, and she'll get back to you ASAP. Welcome to the team!

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