I can't help but love this lady. A year ago, Morganne (my roommate) and I eagerly looked at all the names of the girls on our floor—you know, to see if any of them looked familiar at all. ;) How surprised was I to find out that one of the girls on the other side of the hall was the younger sister of an acquaintance! I imagined that we would become friends, and hoped that she would choose to become involved with our campus ministry…but I never imagined a friendship this sweet.

Emily belongs "to the race of Joseph" as the dear author Lucy M. Montgomery put it. She is full of kindness and giggles and joy, music and art and facts about this intricate world we inhabit. It's been an amazing ride to get to know her. Morganne & I have loved having her in our room for movies, late night girl talk, homework parties, and just everyday life. 

Em-girl, thank you for being a wonderful dear of a friend and modeling for me. Have a fantastic time at Jax, and I'll be waiting to hear all about it in August! ;)