Being on staff with the Navigators means that as part of your job, you "have" to go to conferences (awesome conferences with great teaching, the sweetest people, and learning!)—which generally end up being located in the best states. Like Colorado. Orrrr Florida.

This was my first, and possibly only, national staff conference. Us young staff (first and second years) also had our own training, so we went early. Meaning we were in Orlando approximately 9 days. 9 sunny, warm, how-is-this-November days. Oh my. Glooooorrrrious. ;)

Since we actually DID work (some pretty long) days, and the sun set just as we broke for dinner, most of my photos are from the day & a half I visited Disney World. I've been to Disney 3 times (once in Tokyo as a 2 year old, once in high school, and this trip) so I made sure to bring my camera. The last time I'd been was before I really was interested in photography, and felt like ages ago! I hardly remembered the rides, so getting to experience it all over again was a dream. PLUS I got to experience it with some of the sweetest people—a trip to remember for life:)