At last, at last
Bones of my bones
And flesh of my flesh
At last
— THE OH HELLOS —Like The Dawn

Jesse & Sophie. Two people, so perfectly designed by a Creator for life with one another. They met through college, and most of their relationship has been long distance (try Iowa to Indonesia!) but now they finally get to live life…TOGETHER! Despite some crazy heat and humidity, and a few unexpected rainshowers, this day was lovely. Sophie and her girls got ready at the church, in the library. Her parents married here, and now, it was her turn! We took wedding party photos at the old brick church building, which was gorgeous and turned out splendidly. After the wedding, we headed to the reception hall in Nevada, where the BEST DANCE PARTY of my life happened. (And everyone else's too, I'd bet!) A highlight of the night was when "Jesse's Girl" came on & Jesse proceeded to dance enthusiastically to it. ;) The evening ended with a birdseed exit—and I LOVE how it looks like glitter in the photos! What a night!

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