EDIT: I wrote this post back in December, saved it--and forgot about it! I just ran into it in my blog archives, and decided--heck, I'll still publish and share it anyway! Who says you can't announce your goals halfway through the year?! Like Lara Casey says, "There's nothing magical about January 1!" So, May 16 is just as good for me. :) Plus, now I get to review my goals and see how I'm doing at them. I'd love to hear your thoughts! Anything I should add? Anything you want to add for yourself? Here's to growth, friends!

It's wild to hear that 2018 is almost here, isn't it?! Being a 90's kid, I can't imagine that we are almost in the 2020's!!! But, crazy as it is, I'm also so excited. 2017 was such a growing, stretching year for me...and I have no doubt that 2018 will be even bigger and better.

So, what are my goals and dreams for this year?

goal setting for 2018 photography running a small business goals

Shoot more personal work. As much as I want (and need) so continue to shoot paid work, there's something extra special about photographing for fun. My goal is to actually plan and photograph and styled session with other local Ames/Des Moines area vendors this year! Besides a styled shoot, I hope to just do more self portrait work (see below) & small personal things, including more video work. (You can check out some of my video work here. I love videography, and can't wait to do more in some Des Moines weddings this summer, as well as personally!) AND I hope to branch out into non-photography art. Maybe take a pottery class, or watercolor painting! I strongly believe that art inspires other art, and that means digging into other art forms keeps my creativity alive.

conceptual editorial photography and self portraiture

Travel more. All the traveling I've done since graduation has primarily circled around work--which is so fun. I love visiting new places for work conferences and photographing weddings in new states. Regardless, I desire to see places just for fun! Hopefully, a trip to an undetermined location will be happening this spring with a dear friend, and maybe to Germany/Europe in the fall. #dreamingbig Also, I would love to book more out of state weddings, so send me all the Colorado, California, Minnesota, Chicago & Kansas City weddings out there!! ;) 

Amelia is a fun and romantic photographer in Iowa who also photographs weddings in Missouri, Chicago, Kansas City, Colorado, Minnesota, and Omaha.

Start a newsletter. This is something I've been thinking about for a while now, and I think 2018 is the year! Only if you guys would read it, though. So would you?! Comment below if you think that'd be fun--and what you would be interested in reading! I'm dreaming it'd be full of my travel tips, photography tips, new recipes, books I'm enjoying, and more. 

Mentor and be mentored. Learning doesn't end when college (or other schooling) does. It shouldn't, anyway. I'm hoping to open up some space in my schedule to mentor others who are interested in photography, and possibly be mentored in small business ownership myself!

Amelia Renee is a wedding photographer and videographer in Des Moines Iowa

So, what did you think? Anything that surprised you? :) How about yourself? I'd love to hear in a comment what goal you are working towards--or what you want to add to you list!