I've been able to do 2 sessions of this family (last spring's here!) and it has been just a blast to watch Emma grow up! This was my favorite session. Not only was the light and weather perfect, but Emma is talking and old enough to really have fun with. ;) She let me pick her up at the end of the session and actually didn't want to let go! Hahaha kids really are the best thing.

I am so glad that Katie suggested doing photos out by the bluebells! The Katoski Greenbelt Trail is known for its carpet of tiny blue and purple flowers in Cedar Falls and Waterloo. People come from all over to take strolls, picnic, or take family and even wedding photos among the bluebells! We definitely caught them at just the right time, too!

If you're interested in a family photo session of your own, I would love to connect with you! Just shoot me an email via my "contact" page up top.

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