fun wedding photography des moines

Photography by Rachel Nerison

Happy Friday, friends!

I did an introduction & some fun facts about me over on my Instagram the other day, then realized I hadn't done that here in a while! If you don't have Instagram, I'm reposting those facts (and adding a few more)! If you do have Insta but don't follow me—let's be friends there! :) 

In case you didn't know, I am a wedding and senior portrait photographer serving Des Moines, Ames, Cedar Falls and anywhere in Iowa (or the world)!

1. I'm 5'1" on a good day. I just bought my first sandal wedges (pictured left) and I think they are going to change my life! I may wear them to every session this summer...

2. Ranunculus are my favorite flowers, but I've never actually seen or had any in real life. Mainly, I just pine over them on Pinterest and Instagram posts. (I've realized that I might have photographed some in bouquets without knowing it, though!)

3. Adoption & foster care are two of the biggest things on my heart. I dream of welcoming in many children to my someday home! 4 to 7 kids (total…biological and adopted) is my dream.

4. I lived overseas as a kid (Japan and Germany!) and am itching to get back. Anyone need a travel buddy?! Other places I dream of traveling: Hawaii, South Africa, Thailand, China, and Canada!

5. I love coffee but sometimes, it just doesn't love me. Most days, I'll just settle and order decaf. Or, I'll grab tea. Rose tea from Stomping Grounds in Ames was my absolute favorite tea, but they discontinued it. Green tea with lemon or camomile are close seconds.

6. Favorite colors are over-rated. (That's how I say I'm indecisive and can't pick just one.) Can I just say glitter is my favorite color?!

7. I rarely get comments on my blog…but comments make. my. day. Leave me a comment below and share a fun fact about YOU! 

I'm heading to Colorado for 10 days after a 7am engagement session tomorrow…so I may be quiet here for a week or so. However, I'll be shooting an engagement photography session at the Des Moines Farmer's Market (the opening day, no less!) so get excited to see those photos soon!!! 

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