Sisters, brothers, fathers, and mothers
We’ve got to stand up for each other
Sisters, brothers, fathers, and mothers
We’ve got to fight for one another
— Drew Holcomb

Summertime always flies by too quickly! This year, being in Ames allowed me to enjoy a slightly slower pace of summer (at times) and also take a lot more photos. My sister came to town and we decided to see Wonder Woman (SO GOOD YOU GUYS)—but beforehand, I stopped by a local field to take some photos with her. Ya know, gotta make those summer sister memories! ;) Also, don't you love that Drew Holcomb & The Neighbors shirt?! I'm maybe obsessed with that band (and Ellie Holcomb.)

drew holcomb and the neighbors t-shirt
des moines senior photo photographer
Clive senior photo photographer
The Best Part about having your sister as a roommate
girl standing outside in weeds
Genuine portrait
Emily Osment Look-Alike
girl walking through wheat fields
hands holding wheat
girl throwing wheat in the air
Nevada senior pics photographer
Grundy Center wedding photographer old fifty-six barn
girl looking serious
california portrait photographer

Love Always,
Amelia Renee