If, like me, you’ll be doing some shopping online as the turkey and mashed potatoes settle this evening and into the weekend, I’ve got some great tips for you to look into! Besides finding great deals to help me stretch my bank account, I’m a huge advocate of shopping local and supporting small businesses. I have collected quite the resume of local shops in Iowa (mainly in Cedar Falls, Ames, and Des Moines) so pull out your legal pad of paper (or iPad!) and let’s get planning!

If you’re looking for makeup, no need to even leave your couch! My favorite local makeup company, Root, is having some AMAZING deals. You can see the full rundown on their Facebook page. (If you are able to visit their storefront, hit them up in Waverly.) Also, use my code (http://prz.io/RGJP6BHj) and you’ll receive 10-% off and I’ll get some Pretty Rewards if you spend over $25!

Some of Root’s pretty loose bush options

Some of Root’s pretty loose bush options

Looking for candles or wax melts? (I know a lot of moms and grandmas who would love something scented!) Oak Lane Candle Co, started by Stacy Negrete, is going to be opening up shop doors for Small Business Saturday in Ames! I am such a fan of her candles- poured locally, with no perfumes or nasty chemicals, these candles are super reasonably priced and the best scents ever! If you can’t make the trip to Ames this weekend, shop her online store.

My college friends Emily and Tyler recently started a small company to support individuals heading overseas to do mission work in the 10/40 window. (Some of the most remote or unreached ethnic groups need the world!) The Perry’s make soaps and they also smell delightful! I just purchased a box of the Iowa Pine scent and can’t wait to feel like I’m walking in the woods every time I wash my hands. Buy online here.

My box of soaps from Ten Forty Soap Co!

My box of soaps from Ten Forty Soap Co!

Some me of my other top choices for local stores are below, organized by city. Of course, you should check online and see what your options are if you’re out of town with family (like me) or just not in the proper city. :)

Cedar Falls:

Hatchings & Hens (local artists’ handiwork, home decor, and more)

Fig & Frolic (paint, home decor, art workshops, and vintage prices)

Runner’s Flat (running shoes & athleticwear)


Little Woods Tea & Herbal for many wonderful loose-leaf tea selections!

Lindsey Loo’s is one of the cutest shops to walk through! Find local jams, vintage furniture, and cozy items for your home.

Des Moines:

Moglea- In need of some local created art, iPhone case, furniture, or paper products? Moglea’s gorgeous pieces are made right here in central Iowa & you’ll never be the same after seeing their gorgeous creations!

Eden- Need some beauty wellness products (like oils, moisturizer, or fancy deodorant? Look no further than Eden!)

Domestica- find personal items, adorable prints, and quirky jewelry here!

What about you all?! Please share some favorite local shops below in the comments- both any readers and I would love to learn of more Iowa treasures, I’m sure! Happy Thanksgiving-ing and have a safe, fun weekend enjoying small business Saturday!