sweet days and memories that are the poetry of simple life.

driving views October in Wisconsin trees and clouds and side of the road

oh, this october. perhaps the best of them all. sweet memories of long drives in Wisconsin, watching the leaves float off the trees and sail away, free. a day at the orchard with the family-est group of friends I know, drinking cider and eating donuts and memorizing your face while I still can. learning to make coffee and rejoice in the slowness of cloud mornings.

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another concert with a best friend— dancing and jumping and living in the seconds of time. new foods and old friends.


first time at the dentist in 4 years, and praise God no cavities. first time buying eucalyptus and falling in love with the simple, sweet smell. first time downtown Omaha, dancing in leaves and drinking hot coffee while discovering antique shops and home snapshots from the 1960s.

coffee walks in the fall leaves with Naomi in Omaha
river walk downtown Omaha

i’m not sure that October will ever be my favorite month, but it’s always been a dear 31 days. here’s to seasons that change and hearts that can grow larger with each step we take.