It’s that time of year. You’re going to pack up the car, load in your Christmas presents and those decorated sugar cookies, and drive over the rive, through the woods, or most likely—across Highway 20, Interstate 80, or 235 to get across Iowa fields for dinner with the parents, siblings, and grandma! You may do the trek yourself, or perhaps you’ll be bringing someone along for the ride. Regardless, this playlist of Christmas tunes is for you! It’s full of classic oldies, some newer hits, and even a few more obscure indie band’s songs. It starts off up-beat to start your roadtrip right and then settles into some more contemplative music (or perfect for driving out of the city and slowly working into come conversation with your travel buddy). Of course, you can always switch it up by pressing shuffle! Thanks Spotify, you make life eeeeeasy. :)

You can click the photo to open the Spotify playlist, or click here! Make sure to follow it, and download it if you want to save some phone data as you travel. I’ll be adding more music as I find fun tunes, but you are always welcome to leave me a comment below this blog post with any song suggestions!

Merry Traveling!