One of the biggest parts (and first parts) of planning a wedding day boils down to venue. Without a wedding venue, you really can't get married. ;) And a venue can completely set and influence the aesthetic and theme of your day! So, I'd say that picking a venue is both vital and important. Not to mention, a pretty large amount of your wedding budget will go into renting one.

Sidenote to say-- social media can be great, when it wants to be. Sometimes you make the most wonderful connections there, specifically through Instagram! That's how I came across Kim Bailey, of Irishman Acres and Clover Barn, last fall. (Honestly, I don't remember the details of our first encounter.) Very possibly, we connected through a hashtag or geotag. I sent her a note, followed her account, and eagerly watched & liked her new posts with updates about the barn she & her husband currently were constructing. With each post I saw, the more excited I felt!

Imagine my surprise (and delight) when I received an email from Kim, inviting me to come to a vendor open house! I was apparently so excited that I drove all the way down a week early on accident. Hahaha. #datesarehard The barn is located just east of Bondurant, which isn't close to my place in Ames, but a super easy drive if you're in the Des Moines area! It's literally right off Highway 65, and about 20 minutes from East Village. Now, I've never photographed an event at Clover Barn (yet!!!!) but from my interactions with Kim and her detailed explanations while giving me the tour, I can tell any bride would be lucky to get married at this venue. Are you excited yet?! I am! Let me give you a mini tour via iPhone photos!

The photo below is the first one I took--because this happened to be one of the first things I saw! Kim's eye to detail and attention for decor is impeccable. She told me that she's got a whole closet full of decor for brides to pick from! All the swoooning from this girl. Home entry goals!

Bondurant Barn, Clover Barn in Des Moines
Iowa barn venues for wedding ceremony and reception

Below is what you see straight in front of you when you enter the barn. The barn doors slide to cover the window, if needed, and tables can be added on the floor-- or cleared for an epic dance party. ;)

event venues in des moines

I snapped the following image, and after thinking on this space, realized it reminds me of Beauty and the Beast. You know, a sort of French Provincial style with the metal candlesticks (and lanterns!) and white tablecloths and white beams. Kim told me that that film inspired her in designing the barn, and still dreams about adding in a wall of books someday. I'm sold!

magical fairytale wedding venues in the midwest

One of my favorite features of this barn is the loft space. The floors were being waxed while we visited, so I couldn't walk up there, but took this photo on the steps, overlooking the main space of the barn! Way in the back, you can see the groom's room/bar area (with the blue chairs) and the kitchen space is just to the right of the white serving tables. 

beauty and the beast inspired wedding barn
Central Iowa wedding venues

The kitchen was another one of my favorite parts! Probably because there was a stack of artisan mugs and a wall of baskets for decor & use! Peep below:

Iowa wedding photographers, Des Moines wedding photographers

Below, you can see Kim's office space (left) and a peek into the Bride's room (right). I'm dying to shoot a bridal session here, so the first bride to book me that is getting married at Clover Barn will receive a complimentary bridal session from me! (Offer only valid through end of 2019)

iowa wedding venues outdoors
central iowa barn wedding venues

You may have noticed that I didn't extensively photograph Clover Barn Event Venue, but if you'd like, you can see some of Kim's documentation on her website, on this page here. It'll give you a view of the front, and if you check out her Instagram, you can see the outdoor ceremony spot and space as well! Oh, and the bathrooms are incredible. (Felt weird about taking photos of them, though!)


What did you all think!? What's your favorite part? Would you get married here? 
I'd love to hear your ideas and thoughts in the comments below!

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