And if the walls of Jericho
Could crash on down for just a tune
I bet our walls could fall also
Even if only me and you sing
— Johnnyswim

Last evening, I had the immense pleasure of participating in the Goodbye Road Tour at Hoyt Sherman Place. It was my first time at the venue, and I felt like royalty. By the end of the evening--we all did! Not only does the historic theater display an elegant Victorian Era charm, the bands held true to their desire for all to feel like "Family" and in such an intimate space, that came true. Even waiting for the concert to start, the golden 1920's deco and plush red seating mesmerized me--almost to the point of wondering what opera I was attending, or what nobility was in attendance!

Penny and Sparrow opened the evening. Just their two voices and a simple guitar made each person in attendance feel deeply when they began to harmonize. It's more a talent than a skill, what these two have! Not only that--but they are FUNNY! The audience couldn't stop laughing at the little side comments and interaction prompts for the crowd! Andy and Kyle don't just hold on to the gift they have for entertainment and music, they share it gladly and hilariously.

Johnnyswim, Drew Holcomb, Penny and Sparrow singing with their guitars and band on tour

(please forgive me for the low quality, iPhone 5S photos!!!)

Johnnyswim & Drew Holcomb took turns playing with Drew's band (Drew Holcomb and The Neighbors), and kept us on our toes and the edge of our seats. Even from the balcony, I never felt left out (they interacted with us multiple times from the stage) and my only wish was that I'd sat higher up for a better view, or in the front row. #nexttime

Johnnyswim performing at Hoyt Sherman Place in Des Moines with band

Drew shared multiple stories (my absolute favorite part of any concert-- I'm a sucker for a good story, or behind-the-scene info) and played a variety of full band songs, plus intimate solo pieces. I had seen Drew play two years ago at Wooly's, but it was my premier Johnnyswim performance! Johnnyswim, comprised of married couple Abner and Amanda, share their joy for music, love for entertaining, and adoration of one another through each song they played. The set was amazing, and the only disappointment I have is that they didn't play Touching Heaven. But at the end of the evening, they brought out their little guy, Joaquin-- which pretty made up for any songs they didn't sing!
(He is such a cutie!)

dancing with Johnnyswim at a concert

The evening was both a prayer meeting and revival. I just about cried when Drew crooned "What Would I Do Without You", prayed through "Live Forever," and danced & clapped for the entirety of "Ring The Bells"! And together, we all danced into the fireworks-lit sky of downtown Des Moines. How can you complain about that?! It really was the perfect evening, and I'm so thankful for these three unique bands sharing their time and gifts with the people of Des Moines, Iowa, and beyond!

(PS--Amanda Sudano, if you ever read this, I'm obsessed with your dress. You pull it off perfectly, and I love everything about your style!)