Des Moines is a happenin' city. People continue to ask me (as happens when you move!) "Why Des Moines?". And I'll tell you why: because it's a fun place to live! It has the perks of a large city (lots of amazing restaurants, parks, social events, and shopping of course) with the advantage of a midwest town. Seriously-- I bump into people I know at the store or downtown. What are the odds!?

God provided big time in the home we live in now. Four of us girls share our "apartment" which consists of the top two levels of the century-old house. It's got lots of dust and quirks, like slanting floors and a squirrel that lives somewhere under the roof and siding, but the price and location is unbeatable. Plus, it's more than enough space for us to all live and work and play!

I'm hoping to share more of our space once we're fully settled & things are decorated the way we'd like them, but for now, I'll settle with a few photos. ;) 

Below is our craft room! It's attached to one of the bedrooms, which is a little weird, but is great to store extra art supplies for the two of us who are professional artists! 

how to decorate a craft room with plants and natural light 

The four of us try to eat dinner together most nights of the week. We've been taking turns cooking and it's been amazing to try new things! Also, we love our plants in this house and the east facing windowsill is perfect for our little succulent babies.

vintage wooden table and window sill with plants

Below you can see a tiny bit of the sun room, which gets amazing light during the day. (Except today... a storm is brewing outside, and it's quite dim.) I hung my popsicle stick hexagon shelf & we have, again, some plants making our space more fresh!

plants and natural light home // how to decorate simply and on a budget

Below is my favorite part of our home! We have an amazing wall of white built in bookshelves, and a faux fireplace. A friend gave us a couch, and Katie brought the vintage yellow chair and another gifted rug. (Seriously, we've got amazing friends!) I thrifted the vase, and color-coded my books and this whole little corner just came together! I'm so in love. *heart eyes*

mid centruy modern yellow chair and built in white bookshelves

There ya have it! We've still got a lot of space to share, and I can't wait to see how it continues to evolve as we find more neat home decor. This is bound to be a wonderful year!