Happy September! With my fall mini-sessions coming up in just a month, I've had lots of questions on what to wear for family photos! Picking outfits can be a challenge, so I decided to create a few free resources for families who want to look "on point" for their pictures! (Does anyone even say that anymore?!) One great resource is Pinterest. I've created a Pinterest Board specifically for families & family photo outfits!

1. Start simple! Simple and boring do not have to be synonyms when dressing for family photos. I do suggest you don't all match completely, but you start with something classic (like jeans and a white blouse for mom, jeans and a polo for dad!) and then work off of that base. The two photos below is a great example of simple, yet classic, outfits.

Des Moines family photographers fall pictures

(I would, for future reference, recommend to stay away from this much black! Detail can be lost when it's so dark. White or lighter colors will keep the tone of your pictures more "light and airy" which is a popular trend right now. You can take that, or leave it!)

large family photos what to wear black and blue jeans

2. If you are having family photos taken later in October or November, darker & brighter tones can really bring out the autumn colors! I love how the Howes pulled in the rich evening tones with Ben's dark sweater, and the bright leaves are reflected in Sara's mustard yellow cardigan. (Also, note her fun necklace, the lace detail on her blouse, and the little guys is wearing a vest--accessories add a lot of fun layering, and I always encourage that!)

pregnancy announcement photos in Ankeny Des Moines in fall family pictures

(Similar to the Howes, the Aamodt's fall family pictures in Saylorville perfectly pulled out the richer tones of the colorful midwest autumns!)

Ankeny Saylorville family photos wearing blue jeans, brown riding boots, and maroon and green shirts with baby girl

3. Start with one person! (Often that will be mom. ;)) Last fall, I was in Colorado Springs and loved spending a little time in the afternoon with my cousin Ashley, and her four active boys. We updated some family photos while her husband was deployed, and caught up in-between chasing after the kids. All of the boys match her neutral/natural tones (browns, blues, greys and greens.)

what to wear for fall and winter family photos // jeans vests sweaters and boots

4. Don't be afraid to pull in some bright color! If you're having family photos in late spring or summer, bright colors will be a fun play with the brighter tones in nature. I love how Alex & Kirstin's outfits are bold, and they pull out the little girls' bright dresses.

family sitting on front porch kissing with new baby and flowers in planters

These are just a few fast tips, but if you really want to look through some ideas that I LOVE, check out my Pinterest board just for family photo outfits! I'll continue to pin pictures from the web, and from my own family sessions, as we go. I'm really digging neutrals and lighter colors in this season (that may or may not be influenced by what amazing light blue and white outfits I've seen in the stores!!).
 I suggest giving light denim, white, greys and tan a try if you're going for classy, simple, and clean.

(This family photo below, by Breanne Weston, is one I adore! It's also a great example of rule #5: Compliment, Don't Match! )


Any questions!? Shoot me an email or leave a comment below! Happy clothes shopping! ;)

Amelia Renee