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When people ask what my favorite session to photograph is, it’s with joy and quickness I respond, “Seniors!” I remember being in the final stretch of high school, with the seniority and responsibility that comes along with more freedom and, often, fear. High school was a sweet time for me. I never thought I could love anything more. (Turns out, college is actually just as fun!)

It’s been a desire of my heart for a good few years to really implement a senior representative team. Not only to have soon-to-be seniors helping their friends book me (Holla!) but to serve them. To pamper them, create community, and build relationship intentionally. This year, I finally had the ability to make it happen. I can’t wait to see how this program grows with my dreams, hopes, and the years. There are SO many incredible high schoolers in the Des Moines area. It’s like limitless best friend potential zone!!! And I’m thrilled to invite students from all over the state (even though I primarily photograph in the Des Moines area now, ha). As you’ll see, I had two wonderful gals—Madi and Kacie—join me this year. The sweetest gals, you’ll just adore them.

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meet the senior model team girls Amelia Renee photography in Des Moines senior portraits

Meet Kacie! She’s sweeter than sugar, lights up and room, and could out draw you any day. (No worries— just with her art supplies, not western style.) She will make an incredible art educator in the future!

nowalk iowa senior portraits kacie dancing
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Norwalk Iowa High School Senior with bouquet of flowers
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kacie dreamy senior photo session fairytale princess

Meet Madi! She’s effervescent, a total sweetheart, and going to make a difference in the world through her kindness and future goal to be a doctor!

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East Village Des Moines senior photos amelia renee photography senior pictures
des moines studio senior girl photography Amelia Renee West Des Moines studio valley high school
Madi came all the way from Waukee High School for her summer senior session, and I absolutely loved working with her for her senior photos!
Waukee Des Moines Ankeny Urbandale Grimes Iowa Senior Photographer // amelia renee photography
studio senior girls in East Village Des Moines
sweet and spicy senior photos Waukee Des Moines Ankeny Urbandale Grimes Iowa Photographer.

I’m excited to be booking summer sessions NOW for the class of 2020! Open to students ANYwhere in Iowa—so don’t let location be a hinderance. Des Moines may be one of my favorite cities to shoot in, but I love Cedar Falls and Ames (heart homes!) and of course, traveling Iowa in summer is the best time to do so. Shoot me an email here if you’d like to be on my 2020 Senior Team! It would be a magical day to help you create your dream senior photos, together. <3

Models: Kacie & Madi, Class of 2020
Studio: Whistler Studio
Hair & Makeup: Angela Davila
Tops: On loan from Altar’d State
Skirts: Created by Amelia Renee