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Shooting the details is one of my favorite parts of a wedding day! Typically, it’s my first line of order after greeting the bride and scoping out her getting ready location. Not only does it help ease me into the mentality of the day, but it sets the tone for the rest of the images to come.

When I first started as a wedding photographer, I constantly struggled to capture the rings, invitation suites, and details in the way that I desired. Nothing made me more nervous or insecure than the pressure of encountering a new situation, getting ready space, and the pressure of capturing those ‘Pinterest-worthy’ shots that I had been dreaming up in my mind. Each photographer has their own style or preference for detail photos… and I still am working on refining mine. However, this past year, with each wedding… I’ve worked at growing my detail photos. So much so, that I’m sharing some of my favorites from my galleries & what you can include!


First off: WHY? Not every bride and groom understand the value of detail shots. However, I believe that photographing those little details add character to the day. Brides pick out jewelry or a fragrance for their weddings that they’ll re-use on special occasions in the future, or because they hold a special meaning (perhaps a gift from mom or grandma!). Grooms often pick out fun suspenders, bow ties, or socks for their groomsmen. And each detail I photograph will help bring back the emotions associated with the memories of this sweet, unique day! Whether in 5 weeks or 50 years, you wont’ be sorry to have photos that help your wedding day live on. Bonus: using detail shots tell the visual story of your wedding day in a GORGEOUS way in an album!

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The photo above happened in June 2019. I had a full hour to play with details, the most luscious bouquet by darling Shelly Sarver, and not only the bride’s details… but the groom’s! Having both rings, his shoes, tie, and boutonniere can enhance your detail photos. Plus, it’s not just the bride’s big day!

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Mini-tangent …but related: WHERE you get ready is SUCH a big part of this. I always highly highly suggest to my brides that they get ready at either your venue, a hotel room/air bnb (the clean, white light and simple architecture will really lend a classy take to your detail photos!) or at your home. (After all, if there is clutter, it might as well be meaningful! Like photos of you as a kid, your grandparent’s wedding photo, your pet dog.) As easy as it can be to get ready in a church nursery, just don’t do it. Neon green walls only go away in black and white. ;)

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Include as many details as you can! Mackenzie lent me her belt, save the date card, and a hankie from her grandmother (not in this photo). If you can, a full invitation suite is ideal. See what that is here.

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Have you considered a custom hanger for your dress? Yes, you may not “need” it… but it sure beats a flimsy white plastic hanger!!

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Practical moment: after you pick out what shoes you’ll wear and have your veil, make a little pile in a corner or a large shoebox. Add in an extra copy of your invitation suite, save the date, etc. Then place your wedding day jewelry in the box, along with any heirlooms you’ll be including in your day, and the perfume you’ll wear. Continue to add in special details up to the day of your wedding! Make a separate box with your future spouse’s items. When your photographer arrives, hand over the boxes and trust that your details will be handled with love & care… and that you’ll remember your day ever so much better!

Questions? Comments? Things I missed? Leave ‘em in a comment below! <3