As sure as I live, this love that I give
Is gonna be yours until the day that I die
-Randy Travis: Forever and Ever, Amen

Brandon & Jessica met at Central College through mutual friends. They got to know each other better during class and finally started "talking"…right before Brandon left the country for three weeks over Christmas break! Distance didn't stop them then, and it sure hasn't stopped them as they've dated "short-distance" over the past two years.

Jessa (as I call her) has been one of my best friends since our 10th grade biology class. (Telling, since Jess majored in biology in college!) When I visited her at Central during the college years, it's quaint style stuck with me. Once these two got engaged, we quickly set up engagement photos in Pella! No brainer, such a good idea. (Maybe not that it happened on one of the coldest days so far…but hey, Brandon and Jess rocked it, regardless! Plus, we grabbed coffee at Smokey Row, and Dutch Letters at Jaarsma. BEST DAY EVER.)

Thank you both for being willing to face the winter winds with me! I'm thrilled to be capturing your wedding day. Jesus will be glorified, laughter will abound, and so many people who love you will rejoice with you! Can't wait for July:)

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