It's no secret that I LOVE red hair! My mom, great uncle, and many cousins have variations of red hair and growing up I always wished that I had inherited that. (Secretly hoping that someday I'll marry someone with the genes & we'll end up with a bunch of redheaded kiddos….;) But, that's not really important! The reason you're all here is because Katie and Jake are engaged!
Although Katie is a redhead (with some serious long & gorgeous locks!), that's not the real reason I adore her. She's genuine. This gal knows how to work hard, love well, have fun, and be passionate about what matters. Jake complements her well—he's a "farmboy" with a great work ethic, yet cares deeply for the people around him, and isn't afraid to speak the truth in love. The Lord has worked through these two as individuals to impact so many students at Iowa State, and now they're heading out to Colorado to start married life together! Their wedding is in March and will be gorgeous, no doubt…Katie studied event management, and I can't wait for their beautiful day ahead.