These two were a dream to photograph! I've been waiting since what seems like forever to take these photos, and the evening did not disappoint. ;) Liz was one of my first friends at ISU, and we immediately connected due to our similar taste in books & art. We quickly confided in each other about girl talk (aka, which boys we were crushin' on) and she admitted that she'd liked Scott since their freshman year "Joshua Team." It took the rest of that year, a summer together in Indonesia for a mission trip, and a fall semester before Scott called Liz up, took her to Ledges, and officially asked her out! (I still have vivid memories of sitting in the hall of her dorm, getting all the details and giggling like 5 year olds. So much fun.) Now, a year & a half later, they're engaged…and getting married in exactly two weeks! I can't wait!