I’m still so in awe that this evening happened! (Even though I knew about it for months in advance!) Morganne has been one of my best friends since we met 4 years ago at Iowa State. We’ve walked through a lot of life together and it’s so so bizarre that we’re actually old enough to be getting married, not just talking about it. But when Morganne told us girls about Bobby (this guys she liked) and then a few months later, when we met him… we just knew that he was a great fit for her. It was no surprise when Bobby texted me about proposal ideas, and setting up a schedule for me to photograph the proposal at one of their favorite coffee shops in Ames!

scrabble poem proposal in a coffee shop how he asked Ames iowa Des Moines
scrabble poem proposal in coffee shop ideas
cute poem made of scrabble letters for engagement proposal
engagement proposal in burgie’s cafe in Ames Iowa on a cold rainy night
morganne and bobby engaged at Burgie’s Coffee in Ames

This last photo (part of a set, actually) is one of my favorites. Morganne got hot (because lots of emotions!) and took her jacket off and then made a series of faces that showcased a woman in love and also in shock of finally being proposed to. This had a much-discussed (and yet, also still so much a surprise) plan. It’s been pretty clear since these two started dating that they’re a wonderful fit. Each one has been pretty in love with the other for a while! proposal, the two of them headed back to Bobby’s apartment for a gathering of close friends to celebrate. It was a whirlwind evening, but also such a sweet start to a new season of life together!


Morganne, you’re like a sister to me. I’m so so thankful for your life and example of perseverance through everything. Thank you for your honesty about how hard (and wonderful!) dating can be. I love you more than you’ll ever know, and I can’t WAIT to celebrate your life with Bobby at your wedding!!! (I’m gonna cry the whole time!)

Bobby, you’re better than I could have dreamed up for this woman. Thank you for loving Morganne so constantly. You two challenge and complement each other, and I know you’ll always have community around you— no matter where you two end up in the world. I’m so grateful for you! Sorry for shooting down your first proposal ideas. ;)