It’s only the best day of the year. Every February 13th, my lady friends and I leave our husbands and our boyfriends at home, and we just come and kick it, breakfast-style. Ladies celebrating ladies.
— Leslie Knope

Thanks to Netflix and editing weddings, I have watched every single episode of Parks and Rec. At least one time. Maybe more...I'm not disclosing that information. ;) It by far exceeded my expectations, and I found a fellow dreamer and people-person in the character of Leslie Knope! One of her most well-known ideas has since gone viral--Galentine's Day! In this grand year of 2018, I was bound & determined to host a Galentine's Party of my own. Below, you'll find some photos, tips, and thoughts on hosting your own heart's day fête! 

1. Send out invitations! These days, it's typical to invite friends over via text or even a Facebook event. I chose the traditional route of buying and mailing out paper invitations. Even if you can't come, isn't it fun to receive something personal in the mail?! Due to a crazy February schedule in the collegiate world, we opted to host our party on Valentine's Day. Plus, all but one attendee were single, so it's not like we had other plans!

Galentine's Day Party invitiations and game ideas

2. Pick out decorations. Target is every basic girl's dream (that may be me sometimes...) and their dollar section is GOLD. Literally! I found adorable napkins, a fun banner, door prizes, and game ideas all right there. You could spend more than I did (I think I spent under $10 on all those items) if you're having a longer or larger gathering. BONUS: if you have a felt board, pick a favorite Leslie Knope quote and put it up!

Ideas for a Galentine's Day party games decorations food

3. The Menu. If going all out is your style, go for it! (After all, that's what Leslie would do.) However, due to time constraints, we opted for a brunch theme. It was super simple to handle, although if you're having more than 6 or 8 friends over, consider asking them to bring one item! This year, I just ran to the store beforehand & picked up OJ, champagne, fresh berries (thank you Aldi's for having great deals on fruit!), and whipped cream. It was easy to make homemade waffle batter, and I borrowed the waffle-maker from a friend!  BONUS: You can have alternate juices for a mimosa bar!

champagne bar and waffles for Galentine's Day Party!

4. Activity Time! My apartment is super small and dark, not picture perfect in any means, nor great for large parties. Thankfully, there were just 6 of us, and we decided to keep it pretty relational and chill. We caught up on life while we made and ate our waffles, then played a cute little game I found in the Target section. I'd purchased a cute little notepad that hangs on the refrigerator for a prize, but you don't have to do that. :) Next, we applied temporary tattoos (again, Target for the win!!) and had a good laugh about those. Last, we played a favorite game, and did some Fitness Marshall. ;) 

everything you need to host a Galentine's Party
waffle bar toppings ideas for Galentine's Day party

Any other ideas out there?! I would love to hear what you've done for a Galentine's Party! I'm looking forward to making this a tradition, and adding on to what we did this year. (I'm thinking a nail polish exchange, flower arranging party, or including a good ol' RomCom!) Leave me a comment below with your suggestions for next years' Galentine's Day Party!

How I feel about waffles and a Galentine's Day party!