If you get the title of this blog, you may just be a DSM local. If you don't, hop on over to Evan's blog--I've been following him on Instagram for a while now, and he's incredibly talented. 

Now that I've finally announced my life transition to my donors, family, friends--I can announce it officially on social media. We're moving to Des Moines! This sweet city has been alluring me for years. Halfway through college, I moved to Ames and was able to visit Des Moines more. The Art Center had me obsessed, and I fell in love with a few local coffee shops. God led me into collegiate ministry, however, and I stayed in Ames. (With frequent visits to the city, of course!)

photographers in Des Moines

The city of Des Moines is a hub for the arts (mah fav!), social scenes (another fav!), local eats and brews (how many favs is one allowed to have??) and people from around the world. After learning about the realities (both beautiful and heartbreaking) in some of the larger cities in the USA, I really grew a heart to move into a city and live life there. After a lot of praying and waiting, it's finally happening! I'M MOVING TO DES MOINES IN TWO WEEKS!

Granted, this is not the most dramatic move or decision that could be announced. But, it's the biggest life change I've had in 5 years... and in some ways, my whole life. I have a 6-month vision, but anything could happen within (or after) that time. Currently, I'm not job hunting. Instead, I'll pursue running my photography business full time. That's so wild to me! Oh, and please follow along with my new adventures on my NEW Instagram photography account.

We'll be living in a sweet home with lots of light--and I'll have 3 amazing roommates. That will allow for some in-studio sessions (can.not.wait) and easier access to anywhere in both Des Moines, and the midwest! I'll be a short drive to Omaha, Kansas City, and even have easier access to flights. (Can you say international weddings?! Elopement photos in the Colorado Rockies? Family photos out in the Redwood Forrest? Sign me up!!)


The transition to full-time photography has been interesting so far. I'm still getting used to working from home (all day every day) unless I have meetings or plan to work elsewhere. As an extrovert, that's a challenge, so I'm hoping to make some new friends in the creative community and co-work together! I'm actively looking to partner with local businesses to help them in their marketing strategies through social media & great photography (like this). And of course, I'm always booking more fall and winter 2018 senior sessions, family photos, and weddings, and my 2019 calendar is available to weddings! For the first time, every session and wedding counts. Now, they're helping me financially (like money for food and gas, haha) but also to grow as an artist in a new and inspiring city!

A few things I'm excited to do while living in Des Moines:
-Connecting with the Drake Navigators
-Eating at Tacopocalypse monthly
-Visiting the DSM Farmer's Market for fun!
-A living space that will make hosting a possibility!
-Wandering the gardens at the DM Art Center
-Seeing a film at "the movie coolest theater in Iowa" aka Fleur Cinema
-Getting a cheap gym membership (hallelujah!)
-Lots and lots of concerts (at Hoyt Sherman, Wooley's, you name it!)

What am I missing?! I'm sure there are so many other fun activities that I haven't discovered yet. This next season will be a sweet one--I can feel it. Drop some local Des Moines favorites of yours in the comments, and do let me know if you're ever in town! We'd love to have you over!