Branding photography for small creative businesses has been on my radar for a long time! I love connecting other artists to the world through great imagery & social media--and with other artists, as well! Amelia McMurrin (not to be confused with me! ha.) creates incredible art. Her favorite medium is oil paint, but she's also extremely talented at watercolor, sketching, and multi-media art. 

The two of us grew up together in Cedar Falls, where we graduated high school, and then both ended up at Iowa State University! (She graduated with a degree in Integrated Studio Arts from ISU.) After college, Amelia lived in Amsterdam for two years working with a non-profit. If you know art history at all, you know that's an incredible place to live as an artist! Europe in general holds such a wealth of architecture, musical history, and artist studios--and it has all impacted her work. While there, she got to know a guy named Kurtis through work. Kurtis, being the smart man he is, recognized the rare treasure Amelia is & asked her out. It's been so incredible to see their relationship progress, and I can't wait to attend their wedding in a month!

international oil painters
oil paints and brushes
inspiration for oil paintings

For her branding photos, I asked Amelia to pull out things that inspire her, tell the story of her art journey, or that she uses when she paints. She drinks tea often, and kindly made both of us a cup of rooibos tea to enjoy while she worked. Even her tea cups are artistic!

branding photography for small businesses
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branding photos for Amelia McMurrin art

Amelia's been working on a new personal piece of art-- an oil painting of a spot she would run by when she lived in Amsterdam! While she painted, I photographed her. I also probably distracted her by talking quite a bit, I don't think that Amelia got much painting actually done! Haha. 

branding photography  for creative women in Kansas City, Minneapolis, Des Moines
marketing and advertising photograhy for small business Des Moines Iowa
photo of artist dipping brush into colorful oil paint
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BFA art program at Iowa State University

Amelia currently paints at her home in Cedar Falls. The back deck is surrounded by gorgeous greenery, and the light was perfect, so we headed outside for a few more branding photos and some portraits as well! She brought out a few more original art paintings that she's highlighted on her website portfolio. The piece titled Juxtaposed is one of my absolute favorites! Amelia does an incredible job working with light & shadows, and paints with such vibrant colors. Her still life pieces just can't be beat!

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Kansas  City, MO, professional headshots and lifestyle  branding photography  by Amelia Renee Photography
flower inspired engaegment ring
 Amelia Sutton is a  Kansas  City  photographer  specializing in portraits and  small business photography .
Amsterdam Oil Painting artists
Amelia Ann art watercolor and oil paintings
Amelia Ann painter and artist displaying her paintings 
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Amelia McMurrin Sidecar Coffee shop art display 
flower cluster inspired diamond engagement ring

Interested in seeing more of Amelia's amazing art? You can find her etsy shop here, or check out her website. Amelia sells reproduction prints of her oil paintings, watercolor cards and prints, and even will take on custom commission art pieces! (A few fun ideas: commission an art piece from a favorite wedding photo, or off a story or theme!) Oh, and of course, you can find her on Facebook and Instagram!! Give this talented girl a follow. :)

Interested in booking your own branding photography session?! I'd love to work with you! Just shoot me an email here, and tell me about yourself. I'm local to the Des Moines, Iowa area, but I definitely travel! If you're a blogger, artist, florist, dance instructor, or just about anything creative, I'd love to hear from you!

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