Savannah and Harrison met through Iowa State University in Ames, Iowa. Both of them are students there, and involved in the military and ministry. They both value leadership, faith, and fun! I’d known Savannah for a few years (as acquaintances) and although I hadn’t met Harrison until the day we took their engagement photos, we got along great. Both of us are NEEDTOBREATHE fans, so really, what else is there to know!? #immediatefriends

We met up at Iowa State to take the first half of their engagement photos. Winter weather had postponed our session once before. Thankfully, we had fresh snow and it wasn’t the coldest day of 2019. ;) Savannah definitely snuggled up to Harrison a lot… fiancé’s that double as walking personal heaters are the best! Haha.

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Can we stop for a second and appreciate Savannah’s gorgeous red hair!? I’m guessing these two will have some blue-eyed, redheaded kids in their future and nobody is gonna be mad about that!!!

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We switched locations for the second half of our time together. One of their requests was to go out to Izaak Walton League Park, where Harrison is a member. I’d never heard of it, much less been there! But we had the whole 5 acres of land and trees and pond to ourselves. Of course, the two feet of snow on the ground made movement a little difficult. ;) But Savannah and Harrison were champs! Never complained once.

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The following photo is my favorite! These two are photogenic, no doubt about it.

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Savannah & Harry, I can’t wait until your wedding this May! Let’s hope the snow stays away and we get those golden hour rays for wedding photos. ;) Either way, I know you two are going to cultivate a wonderful celebration and it’ll be a joy to be there with you!

With love,
Amelia Renee